I’ve been collaborating with many composers, singers, instrumentalists, sound designers, producers.
My entrance in the advertising business, for example, was in collaboration with Swedish singer Lisa Widmark, with which I worked as a producing duo for years.
Also I performed as a session guitarist for many colleagues, including Daniele Carmosino, for which I played guitar on many of his works (including his award winning soundtrack for Bose).
I consistently collaborate with sound designers, such as Lorenzo Dal Ri and Matteo Milani. With the latter I worked on some interesting projects including featuring on his records and music for videomapping. Right now we are recording an EP.
With composer/producer Giuliano Cantini we tried to mix NeoBaroque counterpoint and electronic music in a project called “Mannerism”.
After discussing quite a bit on topics such as subtraction to the essence, silence, meditation, and mysticism, composer Simone Meneghello and I decided that we should try to put into music our findings. The project name is UNUM (one in latin), and we are working hard on it. Our first record will be out soon and we will be promoting it in a series of live shows.
You wouldn’t be able to listen to most of my music without interpreters (most of them are close friends, too) performing it. Among many others, I should mention long time collaborators Vincenzo Culotta, Luca Schieppati, Stefano Ligoratti, Yulia Berinskaya, Matilda Colliard, Katarzyna Preisner, Feyzi Brera.